Boat-Load of Buttons…

So…last week was rough (any week in which you are repeatedly googling medical terms usually is)…but I feel that a corner has been turned and things are going to get better. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself!)

I was able to make some cards yesterday, though, which certainly improved the mood. What do you think?



DSC_2762(yes, this is a total lift from Nichole’s card here)




The new Everyday Button Bits stamp set from Papertrey Ink is fab…and I’m having a blast actually USING some of those buttons I’ve been hoarding.

Ok, so true, the last one doesn’t have any buttons…in all honesty, I actually made it about a month ago. But it’s been sitting here on my desk (yes, I have a recipient in mind), so I decided to throw it into the photo shoot.

Supplies? I bet y’all can figure them all out…but if you can’t, just give me a shout-out. Most of ’em are from PTI.

Thanks for looking…

Peace out


4 responses to “Boat-Load of Buttons…

  1. Thery’re all great cards! Nice work!

  2. Gosh you have been busy! I love your cards – they’re fab! Especially love your use of Everyday Button Basics – just so cute!

  3. Cute cards! Everyday Button Bits (and lots of buttons!) are among the new things I got at CHA. Can’t wait to get home and start using them! Thanks for visiting my blog! (I did a look through yours and love that little box you made back in January! So cute!!)

  4. super cute, but i would expect nothing less from you! love ’em!

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