The t-shirt speaks the truth

I have a t-shirt that I got at CKC back in September (from the Two Chicks Designs booth) that has “Queen of Unfinished Projects” across the front…and that’s totally what I am right now. December Daily album? Stalled. Christmas cards? Rush job and sent out today. Grand plans for projects for family? Fallen by the way-side.

And what gets me is that I have no good excuse.

The only thing I have accomplished, other than baking a bazillion cookies for gifting and for the gallery, is making a few Thank You cards…

thankyouCan I tell you how much I love that Out On A Limb set from PTI???

{thank you} stamp from

Oh, and the only reason there isn’t ribbon on the card is because I’m trying to make them as mailing-friendly as I can. I love the layers and the ribbon and the dimensional elements, but I h-a-t-e it when the cards get munched by the machine!


One response to “The t-shirt speaks the truth

  1. Awesome card! Totally know what you mean. I’ve only completed 6 days of my December Daily album – but I HAVE taken photos every day and have an idea of what I want to put in there. I just need to actually DO IT. I’m with you… no good reason, other than I’m just not feeling the motivation…

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